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Using classroom your students can learn efficiently. They can view courses anywhere and anytime.

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Best Student Learning Interface

Virtual learning interface with intuitive lesson and test interface.

Student analytics constructive result analysis.

Track progress stats for tracking progress.

Branded Mobile Apps

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Through your branded mobile apps, you can offer courses on mobile and provide your students mLearning experience. Students can take courses at their convenience on web and mobile seamlessly. Check Mobile apps to teach online


All the features you need to provide best to your students.


You can offer your students to sign up using Facebook, Google plus or email. Your students can conveniently access your courses using social account without worrying about password.


Students can enroll to courses for free and access free lessons. This helps students experience your course first hand and helps them decide in making course purchase.


Learnsyt offers adaptive streaming of content by transcoding your source video into high and low formats and streams depending upon student’s internet speed.


One of the key advantages of studying online is flexibility to track course progress and to revise. Students can resume courses from where they had left before.


We have tightly integrated discussion into course. Students can ask question on a video at particular time instance. Teachers can answer students questions and make learning more interactive.


Student can take notes on lesson in the course. The notes will be tagged to the lesson and particular time instance of the video. Students can revise the all notes for the whole course.

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